1994 – Cut Killer – Tape 9 – Spécial Too Leust

FACE A (L’Esprit De La Face A)

FACE B (La Face B De L’Underground)


FACE A (L’Esprit De La Face A)
A1 –Cut Killer Poltergeist Introduction
A2 –Too Leust Too Leust Dans L’Esprit
A3 –Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth I Got A Love
A4 –The Beatnuts Hit Me With That
A5 –Craig Mack Flava In Ya Ear
A6 –Sléo J’Excite L’Opinion
A7 –Big Scoob Suckaz Can’t Hang
A8 –Cut Killer Interlude N.W.A.
A9 –PMD I Saw It Cummin’
A10 –Lord Finesse Shorties Kaught In The System
A11 –Shyheim One’s 4 Da Money
A12 –Artifacts Wrong Side Of Da Tracks
A13 –A.D.O.R. Life Flow
A14 –Les Petits Boss* Motus…


FACE B (La Face B De L’Underground)
B1 –Cut Killer Double H Intro
B2 –Too Leust Le Retour
B3 –IAM Reste Underground
B4 –Notorious B.I.G. Unbelievable
B5 –The Roots The Lesson Part 1
B6 –Da Youngsta’s Hip Hop Ride
B7 –Too Leust, Dubmatique, East (2) Freestyle
B8 –Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth The Main Ingredient
B9 –Cut Killer Minimix (B.D.K Vs Moda & Dan)
B10 –Rampage (2) Beware Of The Rampsack
B11 –Nice & Smooth Dwyck (Main Source Blend)
B12 –A.D.O.R. One 4 Da Trouble
B13 –Too Leust Tout Est Dans L’ESprit