Face A

Face B


Face A
A1 –JR Ewing When I Was 17 Intro
A2 –Hi-Tech 24/7
A3 –M.F. Grimm* Emotions Featuring – B-1
A4 –Buc Fifty Dead End Street
A5 –The High & Mighty Cranial Lumps
A6 –Krumb Snatcha Gettin’ Closer To God
A7 –Sauna Orchestrated Heat
A8 –Rawcotics* Hardcore Hip Hop
A9 –Labtekwon I’m Here
A10 –Shamus Neva Dream Featuring – Flu
A11 –Shadyville Allstars* Nowadays Rap – P Dap, Prince Willie Bo
A12 –Shabaam Sahdeeq So Real
A13 –Wayne Dante Buy Out The Bar

Face B
B1 –JR Ewing When I Was 21 Intro
B2 –Johnny Blanco Live From Queens
B3 –Cestyle Thumptation
B4 –Mali Long Verse Featuring – Shakes
B5 –Ali Vegas Betrayal Of A Thug
B6 –Son A Bluntz Don’t Snooze
B7 –Psyclone Trife
B8 –Mental Illness Amazin’s Not Playing
B9 –Animosity Get Touched
B10 –Street Connect All Up In The Game
B11 –Perverted Rym Throwwa MC’s Ain’t Sayin’ Nothin’
B12 –The Bad Seed Uhhnnnh
B13 –Frankenstein Peace & Quiet
B14 –Superstar Quamallah The Intro