2002 – Astrobastard – Crumbs County Delights

Quaterpounder Side

Royal Cheese Side

Quaterpounder Side

A1 –No Artist First Fast Food Of The Galaxy Intro
A2 –Greedy Fingers Brutal Style Featuring – Necro
A3 –Awol One & Daddy Kev Agony Scratches – D-Styles
A4 –Ciao! Manhattan Kingsympathyrodney2000king (Sree Remix) Featuring – Mike Ladd
A5 –Alec Empire Megaton B-Boy 2001 Featuring – El-P
A6 –Offwhyte Nitpicker
A7 –No Artist Exotic New Sensation Skit
A8 –Cannibal Ox Life’s Ill
A9 –Sonic Sum Paste
A10 –Mr. Lif Pulse Cannon
A11 –D-Form (4) Do You Hear?
A12 –No Artist Concentration Troubles
A13 –Vast Aire His Majesty’s Laughter
A14 –D-Styles Clifford’s Moustache
A15 –MF Doom Dead Bent

Royal Cheese Side
B1 –No Artist Ravenous Hanger Serum Intro
B2 –Bigg Jus No Desert Untill Ya Eat Your Vegetables
B3 –Sonic Sum Rockets
B4 –Atoms Family Not For Promotional Use
B5 –Tes Acts Of Tragedy
B6 –MF Grimm The Original
B7 –No Artist 3rd Class Alien’s Job
B8 –Mr. Len Love Venom
Featuring – Breezly Brewin, Jean Grae
B9 –Techno Animal We Can Build You (Mr. Oizo Remix)
Featuring – El-P, Vast Aire
Remix – Mr. Oizo
B10 –Third Sight Deathmurderkill
B11 –Aesop Rock Kill Em All (RJD2 Remix)
Remix – RJD2
B12 –Spoon (Of Iodine) Anti-Christ
B13 –No Artist Clockwork Hell Intermission
B14 –Develop My Function
B15 –No Artist Let’s Go Home (Kaïhoro #75 Escape Pt.2)